Avoid-Reduce-Replace 3 x 10 Watt Smart Bulb Campaign

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#ARR- 10 Watt RGBW Smart Bulb

A 140 years ago Edison invented  the bulb (1879), we would like to use the Smart Bulb as our first campaign item to bring awareness to the Avoid-Reduce-Replace movement. Let's replace all outdoor bulbs working on PHOTOCELL for Smart Bulbs and by dimming or turning OFF at a scheduled earlier time before Sunrise.

Energy usage from Sunset to Sunrise: 10W LED: 3 x 10W x 12 hours = 360/1000 = 0.36 kWh x 365 (days) = 131.4 kWh

START dimming or reducing intensity (50%) 6 hours before Sunrise to reduce up to 65.7 kWh per year on illumination. Our campaign targets a reduction of 140'000 kWh in the first year of #ARR launch.


#ARR movement on Curacao is about avoiding, reducing and eventually replacing fossil fuel energy generation plants. Smart household devices from bulbs to any electrical device will contribute in a significant way, how you save energy and lower your personal CO2 emission foot print.

Taking it even further means installing solar panels systems with batteries capable of storing the energy produced during the day to be used at night by your electrical devices.