Distributed Energy Resource (DER)

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Generate and Manage Your Own Power

 Solectra DER’s allow you to capture the power generated from your rooftop solar and power your appliances during the day and/or store it for later use at sunset.

With Solectra DER integrated with storage, you have reliable renewable backup power and can be more energy independent. With a DER you can limit your monthly energy bill to the lowest rate (total monthly usage less than 250 kWh).


 Power outages can occur unexpectedly. Clouds pass by, disrupting solar production. Your electricity consumption changes. The Solectra DER with storage responds in real time to these events so that you don’t have to.


Solectra DER products are made to last, with each system designed using only the safest and most durable hardware components.


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#ARR movement on Curacao is about avoiding, reducing and eventually replacing fossil fuel energy generation plants. Smart household devices from bulbs to any electrical device will contribute in a significant way, how you save energy and lower your personal CO2 emission foot print.

Taking it even further means installing solar panels systems with batteries capable of storing the energy produced during the day to be used at night by your electrical devices.