Ministry of Economic Development of Curacao

To the attention of: Ing. L. Girigorie

AmiDos Building, Pletterijweg 43


Curacao, CW


Reference: 03-10/2020 Solar Power Purchase Agreement Business Model (SPPA)


Dear Mr. Girigorie:

With reference to our letter 12-29/2020 Solar Power Purchase Agreement Business Model and several attempts by email and phone calls we hereby would like to bring to your attention that Gas Station Owners managed in less than 3 months to get the attention of MEO Energy department to include them in the new national ordnance energy (draft energy law) proposition that has to go to parliament.

Our company ECO Capital Curacao is still waiting for an official answer from MEO after having approached several other government institutions in the last years with the same valid arguments we used for the Gas Station Owners, to introduce a Solar Power Purchase Agreement business model that will allow other sectors (like agriculture, muffler-manufacturing, radiator-manufacturing, ect.) in our community that also will be affected directly or indirectly by the transition to renewable energy and/or introduction of electrical vehicles.

Our business model allows for an equal transition opportunity for all sectors in Curacao into renewable energy, while at the moment only Gas Station Owners are being taken into account.

We are sure that accommodating only the Gas Station Owners has been a slip of the mind of MEO and your energy department will give us this time an official answer on our many requests that can be beneficial not only for the Gas Station Owners but all sectors in our local community by introducing a Renewable Power Purchase Agreement Business model that can be regulated by Bureau Telecom and Poat (BTP) as has been done in the past with Telecommunications sector.

We would be more than happy to offer up some of our time to explain to parliament the benefits of a SPPA model.    

We hope to receive your positive answer.

Thanking you in advance we remain.


Ing. J.S. Balentien