IoT Integration

Internet of Things Integration

I have been using IoT devices (bulbs, sockets, IR remotes and security alarm system) at home for over two years and at the office the last year. 

My experience is that IoT devices helped automate some daily routines like turning the kitchen light On an Off at sunset and sunrise, cooling the living room at 28 degrees Celsius before arriving. Simple things but gratifying because of the ease.

Solectra-IoT task is two fold bring these experiences (IoT devices) to you and assist with the integration in your household and/or working place.

What is very popular with IoT is the use of voice assistant like Alexa to trigger commands hands free, Apple and Google also has their devices that integrates.

As part of my brief IoT Integration blog we can not forget to mention the IFTTT service that allows interaction of IoT brands with each other.

This time I would like to comment about the IR remote.

This device allows appliances that uses a IR remote control to be replaced by a IoT remote control that not only allows to be accessed from your mobile phone or tablet, but the power lies in the fact that scripts can be written on how to control your appliances without your direct intervention.

How about leaving the office for lunch and instead of keeping an empty room cooling at 22 degrees Celsius, allow the room to be kept cool at 28 degrees Celsius while you are away and switch back to 22 degrees when you arrive. All of this without having to replace your current air condition unit for one that has these features.

Please leave a comment if you need any assistance on how to start integrating IoT devices in your daily life. 

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